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For once, Bobbi's leather jacket was exactly the right weight for the weather. Atlanta was warmer in the day than at night, apparently, even in winter, and the evening chill hadn't had a chance to drop too far while they walked to the Morse house. She was sort of in the lead of the team right now. Sort of in the literal sense, because Clint was comfortably beside her, arm around her waist in a deliberate taunt at Nat who was dragging her feet behind them. Sort of in the usual sense, because she was the only one who knew where they were going.

It had been a surprise, getting a phone call from Clark (and Rhonda, who had started to demand to be called Rhonni). He'd wanted her to stop by, spend time with the family. And Bobbi had tried to get out of it, she had. But she'd had the stupid phone on speaker since she had also been trying to fly at the time, and Clint had agreed before she could find a good excuse why not, even pointing out they had a weekend off coming up, what serendipity. She'd smacked him upside the head as soon as she hung up, but she wasn't going to disappoint her little sister now. She also wasn't going to do this alone. Her adopted family and her blood family were about to have to meet and play nice.

She looked over her shoulder at Nat. Bobbi had even forced her big sister to promise to be nice to the adults. (She wasn't worried about Rhonni.) Clint, curse the man, was almost bouncing in excitement. She understood why. He was an orphan raised by carnies who hadn't exactly been warm and cuddly. Her family making effort to integrate her made him giddy by association. That didn't make it right that he was more excited about her family than she was...

They reached the front door, and since they were dressed like civilians, Bobbi figured they should come in the civilian way, and rang the doorbell. It was a long, awkward moment of waiting before Susan threw open the door, scowling. "You're late," she said in lieu of a greeting.

Well wasn't that just peachy. Bobbi raised both of her brows back at her. "I'm sorry, I was busy not dying," she said sarcastically...though kinda meaning it. Their team had been sent off right before they'd left on a mission that couldn't wait until Monday. And South American gun runners were the worst, since they always had their merchandise on hand to try out on you. "Do you want us to leave?"

She pressed her lips together, then glanced over her shoulder. "You were supposed to come alone."

"I was told this was family movie night." Bobbi reached over and grabbed Clint's hand. "My team is my family too." In many ways, but she wasn't going to explain to Susan. Her step-mother didn't like it, judging by her expression, but a cry from Rhonni about them missing the movie made her step back, letting the three other adults into the room. Nodding, Bobbi led the way through the house to the den like she lived there herself. She'd gotten familiar with the layout during her little break in a few weeks ago.

The den was dark, the lights all out except for the light from the TV and the digital clock of the DVD player. Rhonni beamed and waved at Bobbi from the couch. "Hurry, they're about to tell what happened to the prince!" she whispered.

Bobbi froze, hearing and feeling Clint almost run into her. Not noticing her reaction, Clark unpaused the movie, and the narrator started the story about a prince who had been cursed. Bobbi knew the words by heart...and could hear the messages behind them even without them being there this time.

Clapping her hands over her ears and clenching her eyes shut, she tried to block it out. Fear. Rage. Fight. Control.

"Zaversheniye yego!"
she half-ordered, half-pleaded. But it kept ringing through her ears, with memories of the past to reinforce it. Saying Belle's lines over and over again, pain if you got them the least wrong. Scenes that should have been innocent or even funny instead inspiring feelings of fear. "Zaversheniye yego!" Where was Natalia? Natalia helped her fight it, had helped her remember who she was after a morning of reprogramming. "Natalia!"

Hands grabbed her shoulders. It was like a snap as Bobbi--Barbara--was smothered out by Klavdiya. Her face a smooth mask, she jerked down, away from her attacker, and swept her legs out, knocking him off his feet. She looked around. Four threats, one minimal. One was familiar, but she couldn't place why. Right now, it was only eliminate threats. The familiar one, the redhead, approached cautiously, prepared for an attack. Klavdiya recognized her as the greater threat. Circling carefully, she looked for a weakness, blocking the words sh was saying. Not seeing anything to exploit, she decided she needed to take her by surprise. She rushed her, going for a punch first. The redhead dodged, tried to use her arm to throw her.

Klavdiya let the throw roll her, and then came at her from behind, grabbing her by the head. She got the appropriate grip, preparing to snap her neck.

A hard force grabbed her from behind, throwing her on to the floor with a thud. She gritted her teeth to keep from crying out as her head whacked against the carpet. The male from the beginning had recovered. He pinned her legs to the ground first with his knees, then her shoulders with his forearm, both her wrists in one hand. She glared up at him, sneering. "Vy dumayete, chto vy vyigrali?" she asked.

He said something over her head to someone--probably the redhead--refusing to break eye contact with Klavdiya. He broke it only briefly to glare at something, but when she tried to use the opportunity to free herself, she was right back to the center of his attention. She kept her face smooth, though there was something about his that was even more familiar than the redhead's... And then he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers hard. Startled, her body stiffened under his, wondering what this was about.

But she knew this kiss. They hadn't had much of a chance, because... Because her sister didn't like it. Bobbi breathed in slowly, kissing Clint back gently to let him know that she was back in her right mind again. He pulled back, and she gave him a weak smile, blinking to keep tears back. She licked her dry lips. "Did I mention I really, really can't stand Disney movies?" She closed her eyes, trying to get her brain to settle.

"I'm sorry," Clark said from somewhere to the side, sounding shocked. "It... It was your favorite, before..."

Bobbi shuddered. Before she'd been remade and it had been part of the process. Opening her eyes, she glared at Clint. "Are you done pinning me to the floor?"

He snickered and said, "For now, if you promise not to knock my feet out from underneath me again. I hit the wall on the way down."

"Klutz," she accused. She didn't get what he'd found so funny, so she was going to ignore it. "I'll try to keep it to the practice mats." Clint nodded and got off of her. They shifted so she was being held in his lap, and Bobbi hid her face in his neck as Natalia--no, Natasha, she went by Natasha now--tried to explain to Bobbi's father why his daughter had almost tried to kill everyone in the room, without losing her temper.
Agent Carter is full of little nuggets about how the RRA trains its girls.

Russian Phrases in italics mean: "Shut it off!" and "You think you've won?"
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