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Humming softly, Wanda checked the oven to make sure the duck was where it was supposed to be temperature wise. Everything was alright there. She stirred the pomegranate sauce that was bubbling away on the stove, and made sure the risotto and grilled asparagus was ready. Wanda plated the dinner she’d carefully prepared, biting the inside of her lower lip so she wouldn’t ruin the garnet-colored lip stain she’d applied earlier (which theoretically, her teeth shouldn’t do in the first place, but Wanda knew probability a little too well to risk it). She took off the apron and old-button-up shirt she’d put on over her black dress. It was slightly retro, 1950’s in appearance, with a black V-neck top above a white skirt with black rose decals. She’d done her hair in a twist, slipped on a pair of black peep-toes…

Was it too much? She wasn’t certain. They’d been together for a long time, even if they had only been married for a few weeks. But the last time had been such a…well, it had not been pleasant. And she wanted this to be better. For both of them. So she’d probably gone a little overboard, but in her defense, it was easy to go overboard in her case. The twins were six and required constant attention. The mutant situations might have hit a temporary standstill, but there was no way of knowing when the next match would strike.  The school was full and flourishing, which meant as teachers they were busy. If she went a little over the top on her and John’s first date night since they’d gotten back from their honeymoon…surely no one would blame her.

Or they would at least not look at her too hard and be suspicious.

Sighing, she set the plates on the cart and pushed it out to the table set up in the arboretum. Rogue was there, helping, while Remy had the kids…for now. Wanda would be relieved when the Southern Belle joined her husband so she wouldn’t fret herself to pieces over what the thief was teaching her kids. “Finished?” she asked as she picked up the plates off the cart before Wanda had even stopped it. “It sure smells good.”

“Hope so,” she said a look at the set-up Rogue had fixed. “Has been a long time since self bothered with duck.”

“First-pronouns, Wanda.”

She made a face at the reminder. When she was nervous, she sometimes slipped back into the bad habit. And it would be a major red flag for John if she was doing it when he came downstairs. “Right, right,” she acknowledged with a restless sight as she smoothed her skirt. “I had better go find John and let him know supper is ready.”

“And Ah’ll go put the cart back in the kitchen ‘fore Ah rescue our kids from Remy,” Rogue assured her with a wink before doing exactly that.

Letting out her current breath with a whoosh, Wanda self-consciously smoothed her hair before she walked over to the small sitting room where she’d last seen John.

And he was exactly where he’d been before. Typing like a maniac on a laptop, his focus narrowed down to the words in front of him as he tried to get them to match the image in his head. At least he’d changed into a dress shirt and khakis, even if the shirt’s sleeves were rolled up and the khakis were a little wrinkled. She watched him in amusement for a moment before she walked over, draping her arms over his shoulder. “Supper’s ready,” she told him quietly, trying the gentle approach to pull him from his frenzy.

“Right,” he said absently, his fingers not stopping at all.

So much for subtle. Wanda rolled her eyes and rested her hands over his. Once given a chance, she tangled her fingers with his, making it impossible for him to type. “John, it’s date night. Supper is ready.”

“Oh, oh right!” he said, slowly coming out of his writer-place. Shaking his head, he smiled at her sheepishly. “Just let me save, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed kissing him on the cheek. She let go of one hand, not trusting him entirely if she let go of both not to go back to typing. He quickly saved and closed the laptop.

He set it down on the table in front of him, and stood up, wrapping his arms loosely around her waist. “You look amazing.”

Wanda wrinkled her nose. “You always say that.”

“It’s always true.”

Rolling her eyes at his corniness, she couldn’t stop smiling anyway. “Come on, I cooked,” she reminded him, bringing him with her to the arboretum by the hand.

Both his brows rose at the elaborate setting, and then at the tricky dinner she’d distracted herself with. “Okay, what don’t I know?” he immediately asked. Trust John to realize that she was over-fussing because of something on her mind.

“Don’t know what you are talking about,” she tried to say breezily, taking a step towards the table.

“And you’re dropping first-pronouns.”

She mentally began cursing in multiple languages.

John wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning his forehead against hers. “Wanda, whatever it is, we can handle it. Till death do us part, right?”

She breathed out slowly, nodding her head a little. Looking at from under her lashes, she gave a small, hesitant smile. “John… I… We…” Oh, why could she never find the words? “Well, Lani and Will are going to have a younger sibling.”

“Yeah, we’ve been talking about having another kid, what about it?” Bless her John, he could be so dense.

Laughing, still a little nervous, Wanda wrapped her arms around his neck so he wouldn’t move. “John. Lani and Will are going to have a younger sibling in about eight months.”

It took a long moment for that to click in his head, but she knew when it did by the slow, wide smile that crossed his face. “We’re going to have a baby?” he breathed. She quickly nodded her head, her smile becoming much surer. And then shrieked in laughter when he whooped and picked her up, spinning her in a circle in his excitement.
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