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"How are you not baking in all of that?"

Looking up from his History reading, Lupus gave a smirk to Cy. "What's wrong, cousin? Need someone to throw a pitcher of pumpkin juice on you again?" he couldn't resist teasing her. She stuck her tongue out at him in response, lounging in an armchair dressed in just her blouse and skirt, even her socks tucked into the pair of shoes resting by her chair. And there was still a thick layer of sweat at her temples. He, however, was still in his complete uniform minus robes, including his sweater vest, and looked completely cool.

"You swore not to bring that up again," she reminded him.

"You promised not to bother me until I finished studying for my History of Magic exam," he countered without looking up from his page with a frown. History of Magic was easily his worst subject. Lupus had a horrible problem keeping all the names and dates straight. It wasn't helping to have Cy chattering in his ear while he tried to read.

"Can't we go throw a Quaffle around or something?" she whined, kicking her feet a little. "Or go play by the lake? It's the Easter holidays, for crying out loud!"

Lu rolled his eyes and refrained from saying what he immediately thought. Not only was there a good chance of Cy hexing him (after she got over her shock from hearing him say something like that), but if his mother found out about it, he would be tasting soap for week, and more than likely banned from vising Scorpius and Rose ever again. "Have you even started your Charms paper?" he asked, somewhat rhetorically. He knew she hadn't, and would come begging to him for help at the beginning of next week when it was due.

"Well..." she hedged, slouching in the chair with a pout. "Maybe—”

"Head's up!"

Lupus reflexively looked in the direction of the shout, but Cy was slouched too low to turn and look. And to move when a beat-up Quaffle hit her on the back of her head. She gave a brief shriek—more out of surprise than pain in Lupus’s opinion—and half fell out of her chair to get to her feet. “Watch what you’re doing, you jerks!” she snapped, reaching for the Quaffle.

“Awww, if it isn’t Lucy,” the snide voice of the Quidditch captain, Harris, said. Lupus glared at him, hating that stupid nickname that had been fashioned from his and his cousin’s shortened names. “What’s wrong, can’t take a hit? And I thought you wanted to be Beaters.”

“We can be awesome Beaters!” Cy argued, stomping to where she was standing almost toe-to-toe with the sixth year. Rolling his eyes upward, Lu closed his book and stood up to stand behind her. As comical as it was to watch a twelve year old girl try and stare down a sixteen year old boy, he didn’t want to have to explain to any of the adults why he’d let Cy punch someone. “If you all would get your heads out of your butts about us just because of our parents.” Harris leaned forward, almost towering over Cy.

“Ironic, isn’t?” Lupus decided to butt in, pulling Cy back by the shoulders and stepping in between her and the older students. He was both slightly taller than her and older. It was his job to protect her. And that including pulling their attention to him. “That you are judging us by who are parents are, because of our bloodlines.” He purposefully copied his father at his driest, most bland tone that he saved for exceptionally stupid people.

True to form, Harris rose to the bait. “At least my parents didn’t kill people,” he said with a sneer, and as if it would further his argument, he shoved Lupus’s shoulders.

If Harris had said anything else, Lupus would have just hummed, smiled, and taken Cy off to go take a walk and cool off. But those words hurt. He knew Father had been a Death Eater, admittedly a young one who had reformed once he realized he was in over his head. But his mother was a Healer. Surely those balanced each other out, made them good people. No one would see it that way though. Lupus landed on the rug with a thump, his shoulders in Cy’s lap. He must have knocked her down with him. Harris snickered, and he and his cronies started to walk off.

“Hey!” Cy shouted, shoving him out of her lap.

He barely managed to not bang his head on the floor. “I’m fine, thanks for asking,” Lupus muttered with a wince, shoving his torso up by pushing on the palms of his hands.

Not that Cy heard him. “It’s not nice to push people!” she added, scrambling to her feet and grabbing the same Quaffle that had just bounced off of her head.

Lupus borrowed one of Rose’s favorite curses in his head. Merlin’s pants. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” he shouted, raising his voice in one of the rare times he could be forced into doing it. He scrambled up to his feet and grabbed Cy by the wrists, keeping her from throwing the Quaffle at anyone. “Calm down, feisty pants,” he ordered, lowering his voice and trying to copy Mother’s soothing, Healer tone. “No throwing things either, okay? Calm down.”

Some of the tension left Cy’s shoulders. “Okay, okay…” she grumbled, sighing. “I’m calm. I’m cool.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Lupus let go of her wrists. “Good.” He took a step back. “Let’s go—” Cy pulled her arm back, preparing to throw the Quaffle. “Oh, no, no—!” Lupus tried to stop her again, but it was too late. She threw the Quaffle and it bounced off the back of Harris’s head. Silence descended on the entire common room for a long moment as Harris turned to look at them.

Lupus didn’t stop to think. He grabbed Cy’s elbow. “Run!” he ordered, and she didn’t need telling twice. The two of them took off for the portrait hole, with the Gryffindor Quidditch team right on their tails. In his head, Lupus hoped that Professor Hinnel didn’t chew them out too badly. Or worse, write home to their parents.
Okay, brief explanation here. In an HP AU of NarnianQueenForever's and my making, Draco Malfoy initially participated in an arranged marriage with Daphne Greengrass, who gave birth to Scorpius and then abandoned them, leading to a divorce by publication (it's a thing). Fast forward to Scorpius in the Hogwarts years, and through an incident, Draco remarries Astoria Greengrass (who had a bad marriage of her own in the past). Neither expected to have a kid, and yet...

Lupus Malfoy was born (played by Randy Wayne).

Meanwhile, as is consistent in both our timelines, Daphne has fallen in love with a Muggle and has a child of her own out of wedlock. Meet Alcyone "Cy" Greengrass (played by Jayla Rubinelli).

Now despite Lupus being a pure-blood, and Cy a half-blood out of a pure-blood family, both always out of Slytherin like their half-brother/cousin, Scorpius... These cousins end up in Gryffindor. it causes problems.

...Lilli, we need to write these kids more.
NarnianQueenForever Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
I love them. ^_^
Eva-Emaria Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
We made poor Scorpius's family tree so confusing. XD
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